Norovirus Food Safety Online Course

Our online course teaches students how to prevent and control the transmission of norovirus in food handling and food manufacturing settings. This course was developed for the Food and Drug Administration in collaboration with the USDA-NIFA Food Virology Collaborative and the Auburn University Food Systems Institute. Students will be taught by a narrated presentation with interactive exercises and videos. Topics taught in the mini-course include the following:

  • Epidemiology of Foodborne Norovirus Infection
  • Norovirus Detection
  • Prevalance of Norovirus Contamination in Foods
  • Prevention and Inactivation of Norovirus Contamination From Farm-to-Fork.

Human norovirus causes more foodborne illnesses than any other agent, including all bacterial pathogens combined. These viruses are responsible for over 5 million cases per year, including 8,000-23,000 hospitalizations and 150 deaths. Norovirus food safety considerations are therefore very important to public health. Click here to learn more about this course on norovirus food safety.

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