Pork Butchery School

NC State Pork Butchery School 2018

Workshop will be held May 18, 2019 (8am to 5pm).

Description: NC State Pork Butchery School is open to the general public as a basic pork processing workshop. Participants will be able to gain hands‐on experience cutting a pork down into primal and retail cuts. This workshop is ideal for beginners or those wanting more experience in meat processing.

What will you get:
All participants will get a 6” boning knife, NC State Pork Butchery School apron, lunch and fresh pork to take home (bring a cooler for safe transport home).
Safety waiver: We will cover lab safety and proper use of cutlery, but all participants will need to sign a waiver prior working in the NC State Processed Meat Lab and handling any knives.

Tentative Agenda:
Saturday, May 18th
7:30am Coffee and donuts will be available
8:00 Welcome and class overview
8:30 Hog production in NC
9:00 Break
9:15 Introduction to pork carcass breakdown and cutting safety lesson
10:00 Pork carcass cutting demo
12:00pm Lunch will be provided
12:45 Student will be assigned to groups and break down a pork carcass
2:30 Break
2:45 Basic sausage production
3:30 Fresh sausage production demonstration
5:00pm Package products to take home…Adjourn